In-Line Inspection of Pipelines

In-Line Inspection of Pipelines

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Jonathan Walker
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2., überarbeitete u. erweiterte Auflage, 84 Seiten, 51 farbige Abb., Hardcover, 11,5 x 18,5 cm
Advanced technologies for economic and safe operation of oil and gas pipelines

Irregularities in oil and gas pipelines need to be detected before potentially catastrophic failures arise. Even the physical condition of underground or subsea pipelines can be checked efficiently and economically by smart in-line inspection tools. Propelled by the transported medium, such tools are capable of inspecting considerable lengths in great detail, avoiding expensive downtimes.

Carrying non-destructive testing equipment and data loggers, battery powered and microprocessor-controlled in-line inspection tools detect and locate metal loss, cracks and deformations on both the internal and external surfaces of pipes. Standard tools are designed to suit pipelines in the diameter range 3 to 56 inches. Multi-diameter, bi-directional and self-propelled tools target challenging applications.

Just released as volume 327 in the series "Die Bibliothek der Technik", "In-Line Inspection of Pipelines" describes advanced pipeline inspection technologies based on non-destructive testing methods and smart in-line inspection tools. In addition, this book illustrates the inspection results evaluation process which provides a basis for pipeline integrity assessment and future pipeline management.

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